Why Mami’s Japan?

Why Mami’s Japan?

My course is aimed at introducing beginners to Japanese language & culture. It’s great for anyone planning a holiday or wants to study for fun.

I’ve built my on-line course to reflect my personality – fun, practical and helpful! You’ll find games and activities to test your skills and advice for practising your Japanese and keeping motivated.

I focus on teaching language for everyday conversations. You’ll find 30 lessons based on 12 important themes, as below:

  • First Words
  • Talking About You & Your Family
  • Arranging to Meet Someone
  • Leisure Time, Work & Study
  • Shopping & Spending Money – Part 1
  • Shopping & Spending Money – Part 2
  • A Typical Japanese Home
  • Holidays & Sightseeing
  • Weather & Seasons
  • Travel & Transport
  • Food & Drink
  • Visiting Cafes, Bars & Restaurants



Culture Notes

My culture notes give more background to the language you learn. You’ll discover about everyday life in Japan, family traditions and popular ceremonies.

I also share my favourite places to go shopping in Tokyo, introduce some of Japan’s most exciting sight-seeing attractions and explain how to make the most of our fast and efficient public transport!

Placeholder ImageThe district of Ginza is famous for world-class, luxury, shopping.
Bird-eye views from the Tokyo SkyTree make it one of the city’s busiest attractions.
The Shinkansen 'Bullet Train'.


My culture notes are based on my own travels and experiences – making them distinctive and unique! They’ll enrich your understanding of Japanese language and help you enjoy the beauty of Japan.



Writing Japanese

My course teaches Japanese language using an alphabet called ‘romaji’. This is often used to teach beginners and uses the Latin alphabet (just like you are reading here!).

However, I have a ‘bonus’ lesson which introduces native Japanese characters, with animations showing how to write each one. This will give you an overview of traditional Japanese characters like Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

You’ll also learn how to write words for important events, like birthdays, New Year and family occasions.


Mami Mobile!

Revise on the go with my mobile website.

You can personalise your learning by adding your favourite lessons to the homepage.



What Next?

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