How do you make studying online interesting?

Good question!  My online course reflects my personality; fun, practical and supportive! You’ll find lots of fun games and activities to help you learn and practice your skills. Lessons focus on practical, every day, conversation and my culture notes bring you a flavour of life in Japan. My study tips give you support for learning online and using the Japanese language I teach.

What makes your course different?

web4Mami’s Japan is developed by myself and my husband. I’m a Japanese teacher and he builds online courses for a big northern university. Putting our skills together allows us to build a course that’s very personal, using experiences and photographs from our travels in Japan. This makes my course something very unique and distinctive. You can sign up for a free trial and see for yourself!

Is your course only aimed at people who are planning a trip to Japan?

My course is aimed at anyone who wants a fun ‘beginners’ guide to my country’s language and culture. My culture notes give a personal insight into Japanese culture, providing a flavour of life in Japan. We have plenty of photos, stories and even a guide to using chopsticks!

Can I track my progress as I learn?

web2Yes, after each of my lessons you can take a quiz to test your skills. This gives you a score and detailed feedback. Students are encouraged to reflect on their learning and set aims and objectives to keep themselves motivated. All this is saved to your leaning journal and you can compare your latest quiz scores with 5 previous scores to track your progress.

Does your course teach me about more academic subjects like sentence structure and syntax?

My course includes a ‘bonus’ lesson which gives a quick introduction to Japanese grammar. This includes an overview of Kanji and animations demonstrating how to write characters. However, learning the details of Japanese grammar can be extremely difficult and my course aims to help beginners become confidant in speaking Japanese. For that reason, I don’t go into detail regarding these more academic subjects.

Do you offer any one-to-one Japanese tuition?

Not at the moment! My online course gives you the flexibility to study anytime and at your own pace. I may be able to offer one-to-one tuition via services like Skype in the future and that’s something I’ll certainly look into.

Will your course help me understand written Japanese characters and text?

Throughout my lessons I use ‘romaji’ characters which allows Japanese to be written using the Latin alphabet (just like you are reading here!). This method is often used to teach beginners
as native characters like Hiragana and Katakana are too difficult to read. However, I have a ‘bonus’ lesson which introduces native Japanese characters and has animations demonstrating how to write each one.

How do I know the course is the right one for me?

Don’t worry – that’s easy! Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself. Hopefully you’ll find Mami’s Japan a great place to study!